Duration: 4 - 8 hours

Price:  150 - 390 eur (Price varies with the content included - See more here)



Thanks to the individual workshop, you can exactly decide what content you would like to be included in your particular workshop. If you need an all-in package or just photo sessions in the site and working with dog models, or only editing in software, you can create your own workshop which will include only the things you want to learn and improve in.


This workshop is suitable for beginners, but also for advanced photographers. It consists of a theoretical part, practical part and editing photos.


  • we review your present work in detail

  • we will look at your strengths and weaknesses

  • how to improve your photo composition, light conditions

  • how to properly set settings on your camera

  • how to be prepared on photo session


  • how to choose enviroment for photo sessions

  • how to work with composition with various dog model poses

  • how to correctly use light conditions in your enviroment

  • how to properly and effectively work with your dog model

  • how to create interesting dog portraits

  • how to capture dog in motion


  • basic functions and tools in Adobe Lightroom or Adobe Photoshop

  • how to effectively use kayboard shortcuts

  • how to properly import photos

  • how to choose right photos to be edited

  • how to create different atmosphere

  • how to change colors in photo

  • how to create and manage focus on important things in photo with various tools

  • how to highlight eyes

  • how to remove different coloured gloss and glint from dog fur

  • how to remove undesired objects – leash, collar, branches, dirt

  • how to sharpen the photo

  • how to add more depth to the photo

  • how to correctly export photos for various purposes

Individual workshop takes place in Bratislava, but we can make an agreement for it to take place elsewhere.

If you are not able to travel to Bratislava we can also agree on Online workshop.

If you are interested in INDIVIDUAL WORKSHOP write me a message and we will pick the right date and suitable workshop plan just for you. I am very excited to share my knowledge with you :).

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